Project Portfolio

Bio-economy companies and organizations require human resource solutions that proactively address rapid shifts in the market.  Our innovative HR solutions and tools are the result of BioTalent Canada’s ongoing labour market research combined with analysis of industry needs.  The dozens of solutions we developed for the industry attest to our project expertise and experience. The result is innovative HR solutions and purpose-built products and tools used today by thousands of Canadian bio-economy employers, employees and job seekers.

Current Projects

The Bio-economy Labour Market Information (LMI) Study 2018-2021

Wage subsidy programs

  • The BioReady Paid Internship Program
  • Science Horizons Youth Internship Program
  • Student Work-Integrated Learning Program
  • Career Focus Green Jobs
  • Opportunities Fund 

Bringing Essential Skills to the Bio-economy Talent Pool

Completed Projects

  • Connecting Students with Seniors in Ottawa
    • Connect students to mentors within biotechnology
  • Bio-economy Labour Market Research
    • Connecting and Advancing Women in Biotechnology
    • Labour Market Information (LMI) 2013
    • Bioenergy / biofuels / industrial situational analyses
    • Labour Market Information for the Biotechnology Industry
    • Aboriginal Feasibility Study
    • Scoping Out Today’s Biotechnology Industry
    • Environmental Scan for Internationally Trained Professionals in the Biotechnology Sector
  • Foreign Professionals’ Workplace Integration
    • Alternative Career Paths for Internationally Educated Professionals
    • Biotech Resumé Builder
    • BioSkills Recognition Program
    • Integration Tools for Internationally Educated Bio-Professionals
    • Workplace Skills Development for Foreign Trained Professionals
    • Language Support and Biotechnology Sector Orientation
    • Learning Advanced Essential Skills Online
  • Transferrable Skills Development
    • Manufacturing Skills Transfer
    • International Medical Skills Transfer
    • Medical Laboratory Technologist Skills Transfer
  • Skills Information and Development
    • Skills Profiles II
    • Bio-Education
    • Bio-economy Skills Profiles I
    • Sanof-Aventis BioTalent Challenge
  • Wage Subsidies
    • Career Focus Program