Products & Tools

It all begins with research.

Our innovative online human resource (HR) tools, courses and services are the result of extensive Labour Market Research. The research pinpoints concrete HR needs, skills gaps and opportunities for the Canadian bio-economy.   Once we identify needs or gaps, we create strategies to address them. Working with like-minded partners we then develop and deliver effective HR solutions through a variety of projects.

The many projects we developed and managed in collaboration with our Partners attest to our project expertise and experience. The result is innovative HR tools and products used daily by thousands of Canadian bio-economy employers, employees and job seekers.

Our project partners include federal, provincial and municipal level government departments, public sector organizations, funding agencies and private companies. They share our vision to innovatively address bio-economy human resource needs and challenges for employers, fill key skills and career gaps, assist internationally educated professionals and Canadian educated graduates to find the best jobs and succeed in Canada.

Our partners share our vision of making Canada a global leader in biotechnology through its greatest resource, people and ultimately, making Canada a better place to live for all. We’re constantly on the lookout for progressive organizations and companies that want to partner with us to boost the Canadian bio-economy.

The Research-Project-Solution cycle:

  • We identify the need through research
  • We find and collaborate with partners
  • We implement the project to create new products, tools or services
  • We promote and distribute the new solution to biotechnology users including employers, job seekers, students, internationally educated professionals and service agencies, human resource professionals

Through our collaborative projects and by addressing a need that the research has identified, we directly help our partners fulfill their mandate. Our projects and partnerships are the means we use to create the tools they need to grow their business.  It’s a win-win-win, with bio-economy employers and job-seekers reaping the benefits, and Canada getting stronger and more competitive.

Thanks to our project partners, our entire suite of tools, products and services continues to be created, developed and marketed, including The PetriDish, the BioTalent HR Toolkit, even our website as the one-stop portal for bio-economy human resources, skills, jobs and career development. 

Strong, globally competitive Canadian bio-economy means better quality of life for all Canadians.