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Friday, January 25, 2019

  January 2019

Biotechnology snapshot - New Brunswick

“New Brunswick’s bio-economy is growing and attracting world-class businesses to the area. The demand for highly skilled workers is growing."

– Meaghan Seagrave, M.Sc., Executive Director


The 10 qualities of every effective mentor

Mentoring is considered to be one of the most valuable tools for employees in enhancing their competencies and making career decisions. It is a nurturing process in which a more skilled or experienced person serves as a role model and involves teaching, encouraging and counseling a less experienced person to promote professional and personal development.

The best way to understand the importance of the qualities of an effective mentor is to look at the role of workplace mentors. They interact with their protégés in a wide range of activities. Read More...

Hiring persons with disabilities - the questions you may be afraid to ask

Tapping into under-utilized talent pools, like new graduates, women and newcomers, to tackle skills shortages within biotech is a widely discussed subject. As soon as you add persons with disabilities to the mix of under-utilized talent pools, everyone walks on eggshells. All of a sudden, the little we know becomes apparent and often uncomfortable.

During the interview, how can I assess if this person can perform the core duties of the job? How will our company handle accommodations?  Can I even legally ask questions related to disabilities? These seem daunting tasks, which contributed to the statistic that only 7.6% of bio-economy companies have persons with disabilities on staff, a figure well below other industries (Source: BioTalent Canada’s Labour Market Report, Sequencing the Data). Read More...

Your biotech interview made easy

Using the Bio-economy Skills Profile or Skills At-a-Glance to prepare for your next interview

A Bio-economy Skills Profile/Skills At-a-Glance outlines all of the requisite competencies for specific roles. Using this list as a foundation upon which to build interview questions; or prepare for an upcoming interview, can help ensure you find or become the candidate with the desired skill set for the position. Read More...

BioTalent Canada is on the move

With last year’s announcement of The Bio-economy Labour Market Information Study 2018-2019 and Occupational Competencies for Canada’s Bio-economy, two projects funded through the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiative Program, exciting times are ahead for BioTalent Canada in 2019 and beyond.

2019 marks a year of growth and opportunity for BioTalent Canada. Thanks in part to the successes of 2018, we will be growing our team and office space. As of January 25th, the team can be reached at the following address:

650 – 130 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON
K1P 6E2

Phone numbers and extensions will remain the same.

Looking forward to growing the bio-economy with all of you in the coming year,

BioTalent Canada Team

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