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New Graduates Labour Market Report 2017

Opening the Door II

Building Careers for New Graduates in Biotechnology

A labour market report

Wage subsidy programs have proven to be critical not just for the growth and development of small- and medium-sized businesses within Canada’s bio-economy, but also for new graduates.

Since 2005, BioTalent Canada’s Career Focus wage subsidy program has helped over 800 new graduates enter the workforce and gain valuable experience as they pursue a career in the bio-economy.

Opening the Door II is a sequel to BioTalent Canada’s previous report on youth employment, Opening the Door. The report provides insight into trends, common issues encountered and the quantitative/qualitative benefits provided by wage subsidy programs to both new graduates and biotechnology employers.

The current report is a retrospect from 2013–2017 and reflects the views and data captured on 556 individuals.

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