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Labour Market Research

Developing effective HR solutions begins with thorough, sound research and analysis.

BioTalent Canada’s labour market research has generated vital, up-to-date information and led to innovative HR solutions for Canada’s bio-economy. Whether you are considering expanding your business, changing jobs, relocating, furthering your post-secondary education or planning a career move into the bio-economy, Labour Market Information (LMI) report gives you the facts to get it right the first time.

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  • Opening the Door II - Building Careers for New Graduates in Biotechnology
  • Paving the Way - Facilitating Career Paths for Newcomers in the Canadian Bio-economy
  • Moving Beyond the Boundaries - Connecting and Advancing Women in Biotechnology - A Labour Market Report
  • Opening the Door - Building Careers for New Grads in Biotech - Salary and Demographic Profile
  • Talent Opportunities - Bringing Newcomers to Canada’s Bio-economy A companion report to Sequencing the Data
  • Sequencing the Data - People - Driving Canada's Bio-economy - Labour Market Information Report 2013
  • Generating opportunity - Human resources needs in the bioenergy, biofuels and industrial biotechnology subsectors
  • Segmenting the Data - Regional labour market information on biotechnology in Canada
  • Splicing the data - The critical role of human resources in Canada's bio-economy - A labour market report
  • Bridging the divide - Creating opportunities for the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada to enter the bio-economy
  • Mapping the Sequence - A labour-market look at Canada's bio-economy
  • Biotechnology Job Titles
  • Recognizing Talent - Capitalizing on the skills of foreign-trained professionals for a vital bio-economy - A strategic analysis
  • Faces of the Future - Fostering the next generation of bio-economy talent- A report on BioTalent Canada's programs for youth
  • Meeting the HR needs of the bio-economy Accomplishments Report 2011
  • Experience Biotechnology - The Sanofi-Aventis BioTalent Challenge Developing talent for the future
  • The experience quotient - How to ensure new graduates are adequately prepared to work in Canada's bio-economy