BioReady Review Board

Recognize talent who are ready to work in the bio-economy. Get a first look at promising candidates and make an important contribution to the HR capacity of Canada’s bio-economy.

Join the BioTalent Canada BioSkills Recognition Program BioReady Review Board!

The BioSkills Recognition Program is an industry-led initiative that identifies BioReady™ talent—individuals with the skills, knowledge and experience to work successfully in Canada’s bio-economy. The BioReady status is the industry’s seal of approval, awarded by you and your colleagues and peers based on the real-world HR needs of the bio-economy.

The BioSkills Recognition Program depends on involvement from industry members like you.

The BioSkills Recognition Program is a unique, industry-led initiative focused on identifying candidates with the practical skills Canadian bio-economy companies need to thrive. The BioReady status workers earn through the BioSkills Recognition Program is the industry’s seal of approval—given by your peers and colleagues to talented professionals who are ready, willing and able to make a valuable contribution to Canada’s bio-economy.
Through the BioSkills Recognition Program, current bio-economy professionals and new entrants alike complete the BioSkills Portfolio detailing their skills, abilities and experience. Our BioReady Review Board (formerly the Competency Committee)—made up of bio-economy professionals like you—reviews the BioSkills Portfolios and recognizes the candidates’ workforce readiness. If necessary, a Practical Observation and/or Applied Workplace Skills Observation may follow.

Tap into Talent

As a member of the BioReady Review Board you’ll make an important contribution to the strength and vitality of Canada’s bio-economy. And you’ll also get a first look at promising candidates who might meet your firm’s HR needs—without making a large time commitment. Reviewing BioSkills Portfolios or helping with a Practical or Applied Workplace Skills Observation comes with a host of benefits:
  • Compensation for your time
  • Direct access to the newest workers entering Canada’s bio-economy—as well as current biotechnology professionals seeking new opportunities
  • Firsthand knowledge of available, pre-screened talent—before other industry members
  • The chance to give back to and shape the bio-economy community
  • Boost your résumé with BioReady Review Board membership
  • The opportunity to create a BioSkills Portfolio of your own for free—and further your career
The BioReady Review Board continually requires members from a variety and diverse set of bio-economy occupations. Currently there is a need for members with experience in the following functions:
  • Animal Care Attendant
  • Animal Care Manager
  • Animal Care Technician
  • BioFuels Plant Manager
  • BioInformatician
  • Biostatistician
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Clinical Research Data Manager
  • Clinical/Field Trial Project Manager
  • Contract Manufacturing Project Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Government Relations Officer
  • Intellectual Property Officer
  • Machine Operator
  • Materials Manager
  • Pharmacologist
  • Production Engineer
  • Production Planner/Scheduler
  • Technical Support Manager
Share your knowledge of Canada’s bio-economy and leave your mark on Canada’s pool of BioReady talent.
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