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IEP Labour Market Report 2017

Paving the Way

Facilitating Career Paths for Newcomers in the Canadian Bio-economy

A labour market report

Over half (56.8%) of the internationally educated professionals (IEPs) who participated in the industry-skills validation program, BioSkills Recognition, reported having worked in biotechnology prior to immigrating to Canada, with two-thirds (67.6%) holding at least a master's degree.

Despite the most common skills IEPs possess coinciding with those that are most needed by Canada’s bio-economy, many talented newcomers continue to have their skills and experience overlooked by hiring managers. 

Paving the Way is an overview of the IEPs’ job quest presented from the perspective of IEPs, immigrant serving agencies (ISAs) and biotech employers, with recommendations on how IEPs could better connect to jobs in Canada’s bio-economy.

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